If you’re looking to elevate the style and security of your business, commercial, or industrial property then it may be time to consider a decorative steel fence from Savannah Fence & Entry Systems! There’s no better way to add timeless beauty, decorative touches, and sophistication to your business than with a stunning decorative steel fence. With such irresistible benefits, it’s clear why more business owners are turning to these beautiful fences for their Savannah properties. Continue reading to learn why Chatham County, GA fencing contractor Savannah Fence & Entry Systems loves decorative steel fences!

Is Decorative Steel Fencing the Same as Wrought Iron Fencing?

Before we review the benefits of decorative steel fencing, we need to define exactly what it is. If you have been comparing Savannah, GA commercial fences in your search for the perfect option, you may have noticed that there are many terms used to describe metal fences. This can be confusing when you are trying to pick the best product. So are decorative steel and wrought iron the same material? 


For starters, decorative steel is made of an alloy combining carbon with iron. The finished product is light and rust-resistant and can be produced on a large scale. In contrast, wrought iron fencing is made of pure iron. It is heavy, difficult to mass produce, and prone to rust. While wrought iron is beautiful and enduring, decorative steel fencing is a more economical choice for Georgia residents. The low maintenance features make it a top-notch product for many property owners. 

What You Should Know About Savannah, GA Decorative Steel Fencing

Every fence project is unique, and yours is no different. While many Savannah, Georgia businesses look great with decorative steel fencing, only you know exactly which type of fencing best suits your property. As with all types of fencing, there are pros and cons to contemplate. 

Decorative Steel Fences are Attractive

One of the main selling points of decorative steel fencing is that it is elegant, sleek, and attractive. Mimicking the classic look of wrought iron, decorative steel fences add aesthetic appeal to any commercial or industrial property. There are many styles and add-ons to choose from to make your fence a reflection of your unique business.

Decorative Steel Fences are Durable

A Savannah, GA decorative steel fence is exceptionally strong due to the way they are manufactured. They are more durable than some types of fencing due to the powder coating that protects the fence from corrosion and weathering effects. Decorative steel fences are also able to withstand harsh weather. It can be installed in 8-foot sections, so it needs fewer fence posts than other types of fencing. 

Maintenance-Free Decorative Steel Fences

This type of fence is extremely low-maintenance. Check it once a year for any damage or hardware that may need to be tightened, and you are set. Very little maintenance is required to keep your fence functional!

Achieve Security with Decorative Steel Fences

As a qualified Chatham County, GA fencing contractor, Savannah Fence & Entry Systems can help you choose the correct grade and size of your decorative steel fence to make it as secure as possible. Choosing the right picket width and fence height is also key to providing a strong property border. 

Decorative Steel Fences Allow Open Visibility

While decorative steel fences are not the best choice for a privacy fence, they allow for a strong border with great visibility. This is a priority if you have an outside yard area that is home to valuable equipment or inventory that you need to keep in plain view. Having a fence with an open design will also lessen the likelihood of a potential intruder being able to hide.  

Custom Options for Decorative Steel Fencing from a Chatham County, GA Fencing Contractor

To truly make your Savannah, GA commercial or industrial fence unique, choose from many customizable features available for decorative steel fencing. There are fence post toppers in several designs and also different types of picket and fence top styles to choose from. While decorative steel is manufactured with a protective coating and black paint to look like wrought iron, there may be other colors available. 


Decorative steel is also a great option for our customers with uneven slopes on their property, as it can be installed to follow the grade of your land. All of these features make decorative steel a popular choice for Savannah, Georgia area commercial property owners and local businesses. 

Discover the Details of Decorative Steel Fences for the Savannah area 

As a premier Chatham County, GA fencing contractor, Savannah Fence & Entry Systems is here to help you find the best fence for your needs. Check out our photo gallery and decorative steel fencing page to see what we offer. 

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