If you’re doing your research to determine who to work with among the top commercial and industrial fencing companies in Savannah, Georgia, look no further than Savannah Fence and Entry Systems! We are the leading experts in fence and entry systems, serving the Savannah area since 1991. With our dedication to excellence and the specialized industry knowledge we have gained over the decades, our amazing team is well-qualified to manage virtually any size project. Here’s a look at what we do so well:

Commercial and Industrial Fence and Security Access for Georgia

High-Security and Access Control Solutions

If you are looking for the most current and state-of-the-art electronic access protection, we are the experts you can rely on. Our employees are factory-trained and extremely knowledgeable about the latest developments in the security fencing and access industry. Our security solutions also include card readers, keypads, magnetic loops, photo beams, and sophisticated controls. Take a look at our website for more information about the access control solutions we offer. 

Entry Systems and Gates

We provide our clients with the latest, most modern security access and gate solutions and tailor our recommendations to meet their needs. Savannah Fence & Entry Systems offers a variety of swing gate and slide gate operators, and we can even provide simple push-button controls or elaborate telephone entry. If you need expert service and repair, our trained technicians can quickly diagnose your specific issue and provide customized, cost-effective solutions to fit the needs of your property. 

Industrial and Commercial Fence Solutions

We maintain a large commercial and industrial fencing inventory, and along with our full-time estimating staff, we have the quickest response time in the Savannah, Georgia, area. You can count on Savannah Fence & Entry Systems to install a full range of fencing and entry system products and services, as well as custom-made fences and gates. Here are a couple of our offerings that are the top choices of our customers:


  • Chain Link Fencing: Galvanized chain-link fence systems are available in a wide variety of wire sizes and meshes, and their posts, rails, and structural components are galvanized and zinc-coated for long-lasting durability. We also carry an aluminized chain-link fence, whose aluminum coating lasts even longer in our harsh coastal environment. In addition, vinyl-coated chain-link fencing is quickly becoming the first choice when aesthetics are as important as strength and long service life. Vinyl-coated chain link fences are available in black, brown, and green variations to accommodate your environmental requirements.


  • Aluminum and Decorative Steel: If you want the traditional look of iron fencing without the risk of rust or corrosion, then aluminum is an excellent choice. We carry five unique grades, from commercial to industrial, to suit any need. This is especially important to customers in the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia. If you need even better strength, then take a look at what you can get with our decorative steel fences.

Why We Are the Top Georgia Fence Company in the Coastal Empire and Low Country

When you’re looking for the best Georgia fence company, we know you’ll want assurance that the company you choose meets some especially important requirements. Here are some of our qualifications that we know you’ll find important:


  • Reliability: We have been providing the Coastal Empire and Low Country areas with top-notch service for over 30 years, and our stellar team of top-notch estimators, installers, and management has made our company what it is today. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rely on our integrity to get the job done right.


  • Excellent Support When You Need It:  If something should ever get damaged or a security function has been inadvertently disabled, we are on call 24/7 so that you have peace of mind. Many of our customers rely on the full functionality of their gates and fences for security reasons, so our highly trained professional technicians are on call and will be there right away to help!


  • Quality Materials and Workmanship: We value our reputation and know that the strength and integrity of the materials and gate entry systems we use are imperative. We will help you decide which fencing material is strong enough for your needs or help solve your access control needs with today’s state-of-the-art electronic access protection. Every job we do requires the best materials and workmanship, and we are confident that we meet those goals to be the top Georgia fence company in Savannah.

Committed to Quality and Excellence

At Savannah Fence & Entry Systems, we are committed to excellence and quality workmanship on every job, from start to finish, along with unending support when you need it. We are proud to be the preferred Georgia fence company of choice for some of the largest business entities in the region, including:

  • Federal, State, County, and City Governments
  • Educational and Medical Institutions
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Homeland Security
  • Georgia Port Authority
  • Gulfstream Aerospace
  • Georgia Power

Get Ready to Give Us A Call at Savannah Fence & Entry Systems!

Savannah Fence & Entry Systems has been proudly serving the Savannah, Georgia, and South Carolina areas for over three decades, and we plan to continue to provide for our clients for many more decades! Whether you need a high-quality fence or a high-security access control system for your commercial or industrial location, our estimating department would love to assist you in meeting your needs. Call us at (912) 234-5188 or Contact Us online.